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Charles is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits of his wonderful self-defense class.  He has successfully developed great self-defense strategies for our seniors that live independently at home.

Charles is also extraordinarily helpful with seniors with disabilities.  In addition to his large group lessons he takes time to do one demonstrations with seniors who need simple redirection.

Charles has shown leadership and professionalism on his self-defense classes for the past year with our Senior Day Center Facility.


Karina Robledo
Recreation Coordinator St. Paul's PACE

The women's self-defense class was one of the best things I have ever done. I have more confidence, better posture, and feel more secure than ever. The class relieves stress and builds my strength. I highly recommend it to everyone!

- Megan W.

Hi Charles! 
Just wanted to say a big thank you once again for the fantastic job you did on the RAD course the past three weekends.  I am passing the word on and will present the idea for the RAD kids class to the elementary school where I work. .

Thanks again for all you do, you are an amazing martial art(ist)! 
The Gregors

Hello Master Scott,
I think about the techniques all the time and practice them. I think
and plan what I would do if attacked while I'm walking alone. :-).
I'm really glad I took your class; it will stick with me forever.
BTW- When are you having another class? I would like a refresher
since it's already been a year; crazy how time flies.

I can’t tell you how much taking your course with my daughters and granddaughters meant to us all! To watch my granddaughters step up to the plate and take on an attacker instead of freezing (which two of my granddaughters “used to do” any time they were frightened), was one of the most amazing and rewarding sights of my life! To know that my daughters, granddaughters, and myself have gained defensive awareness and confidence is absolutely priceless.

 Thank you, thank you, thank you all so very much, you are all RAD beyond compare!

 J Lynette Boyd

I was fortunate to have taken two R.A.D classes taught by Charles Scott.  I was most impressed with the professional way he instructed the class. I am in my 60's and charles was sensitive to my age & ability to  perform the moves without injury.

Charles has such enthusiasm and cares deeply about helping others to learn to defend themselves and keeping them from harms way.

Dianne R.

Self-Defense For All
PO Box 151371
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(619) 994-0483

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